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Supercoppa: Real Madrid vs Athletic Bilbao

Real Madrid vs Athletic Bilbao

Although they are facing many disadvantages in the La Liga arena, Real Madrid is still judged to outperform Athletic Bilbao in the upcoming Super Cup semi-final. Victory is also completely within the reach of Vulture because of the opponent's poor performance.

Real Madrid

With a disappointing draw during Osasuna's visit, Real Madrid continued to let Atletico Madrid widen the gap in the championship race in La Liga. However, the performance of teachers and coaches Zinedine Zidane is still quite stable this season, which helps them to set goals in the upcoming Spanish Super Cup series.

Real Madrid's opponent will be Athletic Bilbao, a team that is considered uneasy for them in the past. But if counted in the last 10 meetings Los Blancos are still unbeaten, including up to 6 victories. Hope to get a ticket to the final of the Vulture will also become brighter when they are still showing the safety of the defense, statistics in the last 4 matches, there are 3 games. coach Zinedine Zidane has kept a clean sheet.

Athletic Bilbao

Meanwhile, Athletic Bilbao has been seeing instability in terms of performance recently, in the last 4 matches the Basque team has only won 1 victory over weak opponent, Elche. And when facing teams with the same level or stronger, they all have to receive adverse results.

The most remarkable thing is that the teacher and coach Marcelino García Toral is having a very bad record when there is no support at home. Indeed, when they had to play away from home 8 times before, they still had not once enjoyed the full joy, including 4 draws and 4 defeats. Confronting Real Madrid at the present time makes it difficult for Athletic Bilbao to win good results, the fact that they soon have to stop in the semi-finals is also not too surprising.