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Trophée: PSG vs Marseille

PSG vs Marseille

In the first leg of Ligue 1 this season, Marseille itself defeated PSG at the Parc des Princes to partially open the crisis with the rich French man. Therefore, reuniting in the French Super Cup match will be an opportunity for PSG to reclaim the blood debt. With confidence and euphoria after the first victory under the reign of coach Pochettino, there is nothing stopping PSG now.


Against a weak opponent like Brest, PSG has recently won the first 3-0 victory under coach Pochettino. Thus, after the unsuccessful opening game when St-Etienne held a draw, the Argentinian strategist began to get used to the new environment. It is clear that with talent that has been affirmed over the years, PSG fans have the right to hope for a new empire under the guidance of Pochettino. Currently, PSG is ranked second in the Ligue 1 chart and 1 point behind the top team Lyon. Specifically, after 19 rounds, they gave themselves 39 points. With a very small gap, the chances of PSG getting ahead soon are extremely clear. Remember, PSG has gradually caught up with the game when they only lost 1/10 of their last appearances in all competitions, at home they won all 3 times to welcome guests. Before the chance to win the first title with the French champions. 


At the beginning of the season, Marseille also had very impressive performances to participate in the championship race. However, the unstable form then caused them to gradually decline and have now also been knocked out of the Champions League group. Through 17 rounds in Ligue 1, Marseille won 9, drew 5 and lost 3. Currently with 32 points, the Port City team is standing at 6th place in the rankings. In which they are 1 point behind Monaco's fourth place. In terms of performance, Marseille won only 1 draw 2 and lost 2 in the last 5 appearances. Away from home, Marseille did not win all the last 4 trips away from home and received 3 failures in it. The confrontation history is even more against Marseille when they only won 1 and lost 5 in the last 6 times that the two teams have encountered each other. Obviously, once the stability has returned, it is difficult for Marseille to create a shock like in the first leg of the Ligue 1 match earlier in the season.