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Coppa Italia: Juventus vs Inter Milan

Juventus vs Inter Milan 

In the first leg of Serie A this season, Inter Milan defeated Juventus convincingly. The next time we reunite in the semi-finals of the Italian National Cup, it is clear that "the old lady" has drawn her blood and blood lessons. Therefore, despite continuing to play at Giuseppe Meazza home, it is difficult for teachers and coach Antonio Conte to reproduce that achievement.

Entering this season, Inter Milan has a very high goal of claiming the king in the Serie B playground. To do that, the goal that coach and coach Antonio Conte aims to be to surpass Juventus, the opponent they consider only counterweight at this time. In fact, Inter Milan is standing on the "Old Lady", but the fact that AC Milan is playing better than all makes the plan of the Giuseppe Meazza team not really successful. Specifically, after 20 rounds in Serie A, Inter Milan has given themselves 44 points and 2nd place in the rankings. They are 5 points ahead of Juventus but still 2 points behind AC Milan. In the last 5 matches in all competitions, Inter Milan got 4 wins and 1 draw. Overall, the performance of coach Antonio Conte and his students is very impressive, losing only 1/10 of the last appearances. They have won the last 6 visits on their home field.

In every tournament of Italian football over the past few years, the name Juventus has always been the leading candidate for the championship title. It is too clear when the competitors of the "Old Lady" continuously decline, while the visitors team is constantly growing with the world's top stars arriving. Everything has changed this season, when the Covid-19 pandemic is causing a drastic change in global football as well as Italy. At this point, Juventus no longer dominates the tournament as they have been in the past decade. After 19 rounds in the Serie A playground, Ronaldo and his teammates only had 39 points. As a result, they are ranked 4th in the standings and 7 points worse than the top team. In terms of form, in the last 5 matches in all competitions Juventus has 4 wins and 1 loss. Away from home Juventus is playing well when winning 6/7 recent matches away from home.