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EFL: Brentford vs Bristol City

Brentford vs Bristol City

A victory over Bristol City will help Brentford climb to second place, which is clearly a great motivation for Brentford to strive. Plus, the performance is too sublimated at this time, obviously 3 points is not a problem for coach Thomas Frank's teachers and students.

Welcoming Wycombe at home, Brentford had a moment to give the opponent the lead. However, one day of sublimation, teacher and coach Thomas Frank buried the opponent until the final 7-2. After losing an extremely regrettable promotion ticket last season, it is clear that Brentford is still maintaining a stability to feed his ambition to soon appear in the Premier League. Currently, after 25 rounds, Brentford won 13, drew 9 and lost only 3. The result gave this team 48 points and 3rd place in the standings. They are only 2 points behind Swansea's second place and this match has not yet played. Thus, if they beat Bristol City, of course Brentford will climb to second place and they are 3 points behind Norwich's first place. Brentford's current form is too stable when he is unbeaten in the last 5 rounds, in which they draw 2 and win 3.

In the English First Class playground, the name Bristol City is also quite appreciated in terms of strength. However, during the recent seasons, they have often declined in form at the end of the season and cannot have tickets for the promotion group. This season everything seems to be repeating, when Bristol City is playing quite unstable with winning 2 and losing 3 in the last 5 rounds. On the chart at this time, teachers and coaches Dean Holden have 39 points and are ranked 9th after winning 12 draws 3 and lost 11 matches. Besides that they scored 27 goals and conceded 28 goals. Away is even more black for Bristol City, proving that they only won 1 and lost 5 after 6 recent marches. In the first leg, Bristol City lost to the carpet 0-4 at home to Brentford. In the context of the home team is in too high a form, it is really difficult for Bristol City to have hope for points.