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SerieATIM: Juventus vs Roma

Juventus vs Roma 

Juventus under Andrea Pirlo shows a very seductive game. Therefore, fans expect more from them than the 4th position that this team owns. This season has seen great volatility in Serie A when Juventus no longer has a unique position. They are ranked 4th after 20 rounds, leading the table with two Milan football teams. Mrs. Dam Gia is also facing an extremely thick schedule of shoes. The meeting with AS Roma here is their 10th match in exactly 1 month, the density even exceeds 2 matches a week. Even so, Juventus is still keeping things under their control. Recently, coach Andrea Pirlo has also gained comfort with his first title when he took the helm of coaching when he took the throne in the Super Cup match. And just then,

In Serie A, successive victories are helping Juventus to significantly narrow the gap to the top team. The home team Allianz Stadium is currently 4th in the standings with 39 points and only 1 point behind AS Roma. Juventus are performing at a high level when in the last 10 matches they won 9 matches and only received 1 defeat. In Serie A alone, the achievements that Juventus have are 11 wins, 6 draws and 2 losses. It can be seen, although there is still a bit of a miss and has to go through a harsh schedule, but Juventus is still showing the bravery of a defending champion. Returning to Serie A this weekend, they will have a welcome AS Roma at home with the goal of nothing but three complete points.

AS Roma are also changing a lot this season and are competing directly for the top spot. Currently, Roma are in third place with 6 points less than the top team and still have the opportunity to chase and compete for the title this season. AS Roma have recently been playing quite frantically when they only have 2 wins after the last 5 matches in all competitions, they just beat Hellas Verona 3-1 in the previous round. This season, Olimpico Stadium has seen quite a lot of changes when the team's god Edin Dzeko has gradually lost the highest position in attack. Instead, former Real Madrid player Borja Mayoral is younger and also in very good scoring form, and Pedro's return from Chelsea. These changes are contributing a great deal to 2 consecutive victories of the team in recent years. Even in the last 7 matches alone, Roma also brought back 5 wins and 1 draw.

AS Roma has always been one of the top clubs of pasta and they have never been afraid of Juventus. The evidence is that in 10 encounters with this opponent, AS Roma won 3, lost 4 and drew 3, a fairly balanced achievement showing the stubbornness of the team in front of a strong opponent like Juventus. In the last 5 encounters between the two teams, the head-to-head record is very balanced, some each side has given themselves 2 victories and inconclusive in the remaining match. Even in the first leg of the season this year, Juventus had to rely on Ronaldo's brilliance to get 1 point ahead of AS Roma's Olimpico mecca. Obviously, Juventus is not too strong compared to AS Roma, in fact, Lao Ba this season has no longer proved too superior to the rest. However, the home field will bring advantages for Juventus. On home turf alone, Juventus made all opponents wary with 7 wins 2 draws alongside only 1 loss, extremely impressive achievements. In addition, Juventus is playing quite well, so it will be difficult for them to collapse at home.