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EPL: Leeds United vs Everton

Leeds United vs Everton

Leeds United's recent good performance is commendable, but difficulties are expected with coach Marcelo Bielsa's team welcoming Everton away in bad form.

Upstream defeats Leicester City in the last round, Leeds United have their second consecutive victory. This is a victory that helped coach Marcelo Bielsa's army rise to 12th place of the rankings when they got 29 points after 20 rounds.

As can be seen with Leeds United this season, the relegation goal is almost completed because the distance between them and the bottom group of the rankings is 15 points more than today. The results of coach Marcelo Bielsa and his teachers in the season have 9 wins, 2 draws and 9 defeats, although not too good, compared to the capacity of a rookie who just returned to the tournament after about 15 years This is a commendable result for them by their absence. In their next round, coach Marcelo Bielsa and his teacher welcomed Everton at home. This will be not an easy task for the home team of Elland Road when their home form in the season is not really good with only 3 wins from the beginning of the season.

On the other side of the pitch, Everton had just received a 0-2 defeat at home to Newcastle United in his last round. This failure is somewhat to blame for coaches and coach Carlo Ancelotti when they missed the appointment to apply to the group of four leading teams with only 33 points and 8th place on the current rankings.

In terms of Everton's form this season, Goodison Park's performance was not really good as the last defeat against Newcastle United was their fourth home defeat. However, coach Carlo Ancelotti's army is one of the four teams to compete very successfully away from home this season when they have won 6 victories after 9 rounds and only 2 times had to lose. These are also the reasons for the fans of the Goodison Park home team to be able to win the next victory at the upcoming Leeds United Elland Road trip.