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EPL: Liverpool vs Man City

Liverpool vs Man City 

The defending champions Liverpool will welcome the team leading the Man City group to their home field in the 23rd round of the Premier League.  Any result other than winning also caused The Kop to cede the throne soon.

In the past few seasons, Liverpool vs Man City is the match that had the biggest impact on the Premier League championship race.  This 2020-21 season is considered unusual with a lot of surprises happening.

But in terms of strength, Liverpool and Man City are still the two most highly rated teams.  This meeting at Anfield this Sunday is also very important.  Liverpool is said to be a team that is more thirsty to win than Man City when their recent performance is not good, leading to their own loss in the rankings.

In the last 8 matches in the Premier League, Liverpool only won 2. The team led by Jurgen Klopp was 7 points ahead of Man City on the chart despite having played more than 1 match.  Therefore, if this gap is raised to 10 or kept at 7, it will be difficult for Liverpool to level in the rest of the season.

Although Klopp emphasized that Liverpool focus on the top 4 race rather than the championship, everyone understands that they will have to aim for 3 points against Man City.  Most recently, The Kop had another 0-1 shock defeat against Brighton after being hit by Burnley with a similar bitter fruit.

Thus, Liverpool not only was interrupted 68 unbeaten matches at Anfield but also lost 2 consecutive matches here for the first time since 2012. Going back to the past, the last time "Red Brigade" lost 3 consecutive home games.  since 1963.

For many people, the Liverpool scenario setting a sad record at Anfield is the most likely to happen when facing a Man City in destructive form.  However, as former player Jamie Carragher said before the game, Liverpool's way of playing has always made it difficult for Pep Guardiola's team in the past few seasons.

It is no coincidence that Liverpool, despite a serious personnel crisis due to injury, still has a good record against the "big 6" group.  Against strong opponents who do not play too negatively, The Kop attack can exploit the space better.

In an open game, Mo Salah, Roberto Firmino or Sadio Mane are no longer deadlocked as before Burnley or Brighton poured defensive concrete.  It is a fact that at Anfield since the beginning of 2021, Liverpool have not scored any, 348 minutes in total.

Liverpool has never gone through four consecutive home games without scoring, but it will be a serious challenge for them to know that ahead is the best defense in the Premier League this season.  21 matches played, Man City conceded 13 goals and the most recent one month ago (January 3).

Man City regained a 3-point lead after winning the 9th in a row in the Premier League
 Man City is showing strength that is difficult to prevent

Man City has kept all 6 clean sheets since then, bringing the number of games not in the net to pick up the ball more than the number of goals lost this season (14 vs. 13).  If Liverpool did not score, Manchester Green Half would have 7 consecutive clean sheets in the Premier League for the first time.

Besides, Man City also wants to balance the longest winning streak of a leading English club in all competitions.  Preston North End in January 1892 and Arsenal in November 1987 are the rare clubs that have won 14 consecutive games and the Green Man has had 13 games in hand since being held by West Brom on December 15.  .
9 of those victories came in the Premier League to bring Man City to the top of the table, the most recent 2-0 victory over Burnley on Wednesday night. Liverpool will be the start of a difficult journey with teachers and teachers Guardiola.  Tottenham, Everton, Arsenal, West Ham and Man United waited shortly after in England's No. 1 league.

Man City with his experience knows that it is impossible to look beyond the immediate match.  They have not won in the last 5 times to Anfield in all competitions.  In it, there are also times when people think Liverpool can hardly do anything but lose.

The spirit of the team led by Klopp cannot be underestimated.  Currently, Liverpool also has the pride of a defending Premier League champion.  Therefore, it is possible to believe that the host will play a game against Man City, although winning is not easy.