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La Liga: Huesca vs Real Madrid

Huesca vs Real Madrid 

After a crisp victory over Deportivo Alaves, Real Madrid was disappointed in the last round when he was defeated by a much weaker team, Levante, on the holy land of Bernabéu. It can be said that at the moment Real Madrid is in quite poor form, so the team is temporarily falling to 3rd place on the table with 40 points after 20 matches, equal to the great rival Barcelona and lagged behind due to being inferior in the sub-index. Currently, Real Madrid's score gap with Atletico Madrid is at the top of the table has reached 10 points, so if you do not quickly regain your form, coach Zidane and teacher may find it difficult to tell. successfully defended the championship this year. In the next round, Real will have a trip to the field of the team that is standing at the last position on the rankings is Huesca,

As is known, Real Madrid has not had a stable performance recently, in the last 5 appearances Real Madrid has only got 1 win, owns 1 draw, but has to lose at both. 3 matches remaining. In the new round, Real Madrid continued to empty hands when facing Levante, although this is a competitor in the middle group with a gloomy performance than the Bernabéu home team, but despite the advantage of On the field, coach Zidane's army was still disappointed when he could not bring back any points, Asensio opened fire quite early, but that was not enough to help the home team get the desired result in this match. In general, the performance that Real Madrid is having is quite bad, but only facing a Huesca in the dangerous group, the ability of the Spanish Royal Team is still very good.

On the opponent's side, Huesca has also shown a flourishing performance recently when he just won when he faced Real Valladolid in the latest round. However, 3 full points from this match are not enough to help Huesca escape from the bottom of the rankings, after 21 rounds the club has only 16 points, thereby having to stand in the group holding the red temple. However, with the victory achieved in the last appearance Huesca opened the opportunity to escape from the bottom group when the gap in the club's score to the nearest safe position currently held by Osasuna is only 3 points. But in the 22nd round, the opponent of coach Juan José Rojo Martín is the reigning champion of the tournament, Real Madrid, so the ability to get points of Huesca becomes quite fragile.

Recently, Huesca also did not have a bright record when he only got 1 victory but had to receive 1 draw and had 3 defeats in the total of the last 5 appearances in the arena. As we know the only victory that Huesca has is when he faces Real Valladolid, but this is a club that is also in the bottom group with an unstable record. And a victory over an opponent that was not too strong could not fill the gloomy series of the club that took place earlier, in addition, rival Real Madrid in the next series surpassed both in terms of achievement and force. Huesca's ability will not get a positive result when receiving Real Madrid right on the holy land of Estadio El Alcoraz.