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Boxing: Povetkin vs Whyte 2

Povetkin vs Whyte 

When Alexander Povetkin rocked the world of Dillian Whyte in Eddie Hearns' garden last August, he put much of the heavyweight rankings on hold. Well, it wasn't Povetkin's punch, but Whyte's rematch clause. The Londoner really wanted to prove that it was a slip and wanted to correct what had happened immediately.

He was at the top of the WBC world heavyweight rankings for almost 3 years.  In the first four rounds of the first fight against Povetkin it looked like his victory over the Russian Olympic champion was only a matter of time.  After Povetkin knocked down twice in the fourth round of this fight, all insiders thought that the fifth round would now bring the end.  With this assumption these people were right, the fight ended in the 5th round, only the assumed winner of this fight was different, because the so beleaguered and far behind on points Povetkin hit Dillian Whyte with a brutal one-hand punch  where he was lying unconscious.

As a result, Dillian Whyte's long-cherished and much discussed mandatory No. 1 status at the WBC was taken away, but he wanted to show that the loss was just a credit and that he was able to secure his WBC interim title, which had been lost to Povetkin  wanted to get back as soon as possible. The idea before had been that Whyte would get past his mandatory spot in a competitive fight and stay in shape.

A rematch was arranged for November 21st, which, given the violence of the first match between the two, seemed too ambitious and risky.  Then Povetkin caught the coronavirus and that date evaporated.  Then a January date came and went.  Then March 6 was announced, but with the Whyte training in Portugal the problems with hotel / travel quarantine with a return to the UK before the fight broke that date and promoter Eddie Hearn had to reschedule a fight for the third time  .

 Hearn landed in Gibraltar and the rematch that is finally taking place is called "The Rumble on the Rock".

Will Alexander Povetkin be able to cheer again in the revenge fight?

And this time the roles are reversed.  Povetkin - is no longer just the veteran with the high name worth - now the one who holds the interim heavyweight title of the WBC, he is now the defending champion, the man who has the keys to the championship empire in his pocket and all of a sudden this upcoming fight is the biggest  Battle has become in Whyte's career.  If he is hit again, he will fall down the ladder and will no longer be in conversation to step into the ring with Tyson Fury or Anthony Joshua.  If Povetkins wins a second victory over Whyte, he will definitely take the position Whyte held for years before his first defeat.  Then the 41-year-old Russian will face the big fights.

If Dillian Whyte corrects his defeat in the first fight with an impressive victory in the second fight, then it is he who is back in business.  And that is why this fight is next Saturday in Gibraltar, the most important fight in the career of Dillian Whyte.

Perhaps he had already imagined the post-fight fireworks in Hearn's garden when he was hit and knocked down by the grenade from Povetkin's left hand.

Apparently both fighters, both of whom are never far from controversy, were each tested by VADA about 20 times in training camp before their fight for rematch.  According to Hearn, UKAD testers even showed up in Gibraltar to test Whyte.

The time between fights likely favors Whyte.  The egg timer for 41-year-old Povetkin's career is nearing its end and one cannot be sure if Whyte would have had such a tough training camp if the November date was due to the severity of the defeat he suffered last time  , would also have been complied with.


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