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Bundesliga: Bayern Munich vs Stuttgart

Bayern Munich vs Stuttgart 

The rookie Stuttgart is in very high form at the moment, but Bayern Munich also have extremely impressive performances at the moment. Playing at the Allianz Arena at home and in front of an inferior opponent. Obviously "Gray Lobster" has enough confidence to move to the next 3 points, and at the same time soon resolves the story in the Bundesliga.

Bayern Munich vs Stuttgart

Bayern Munich

Although there was a strong 4-1 victory in the first leg in Italy, Bayern Munich showed no signs of subjectivity. On the contrary, "Gray Lobster" continued to defeat Lazio 2-1 to win the final 6-2 over two matches and got tickets to the Champions League quarter-finals. Bayern Munich's next opponent will be defeated by their general in the final of last season, the French giant named PSG. This will be an unpleasant challenge and coach Hansi Flick and his teachers need to quickly lower the Bundesliga playground to focus on the European playground. It is entirely possible if Bayern Munich continues to maintain a really stable form. At this time, "Gray Lobster" is still showing the strength of the German football king. Through 25 rounds they brought 58 points and were at the top of the standings with 4 more points than the team behind RB Leipzig. The form of Bayern Munich is also very impressive at this time when they have won all 5 of their last appearances. Calculated, Bayern Munich also lost only 1 and won 8 after the last 10 matches in all competitions.


Joining the Bundesliga this season as a rookie, there is no indication that Stuttgart will run out of breath and struggle in relegation. On the contrary, teachers and coach Pellegrino Matarazzo played extremely well and even entered the race in the group with tickets to the European Cup. After going through 25 rounds, Stuttgart brought themselves 36 points and is currently ranked 8th in the standings. They are only 4 points behind the top 6 and have a perfect basis to rise to their current form. Remember that the last 5 rounds Stuttgart are completely unbeaten when they draw 2 and win 3. The biggest problem with Stuttgart is probably their away record, since 5 recent trips away from home they only won 1 and lose 3 matches. Not to mention the head-to-head record also completely against Stuttgart, By 20 times against Bayern Munich they only won 1 and got 19 defeats. The first leg match, despite having home advantage, Stuttgart is also easy to play with a score of 1-3 in the end. In the next round, Stuttgart is expected to have a great deal of surprise to prevent the progress of Bayern Munich. However, with the home team's high performance, it is difficult for Stuttgart to do wonders.