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Bundesliga: Cologne vs Dortmund

Cologne vs Dortmund

The first round of the Bundesliga this season, with home advantage, Dortmund accepted 2 draws when receiving Colone, but in the end lost 1-2. That is one of the eloquent evidence showing the instability of the Ruhr team. Even after the champion changed, the situation wasn't much better.

Cologne vs Dortmund

Currently, after 25 rounds, Edin Terzic's teachers and students, which are considered the number 1 counterbalance of the king of Bayern Munich in the domestic playground, have only 42 points and are ranked 5th in the rankings. The opportunity to compete for the championship only exists in theory and Dortmund now only dare to hope for a place in the Top 4 to qualify for the Champions League next season.

They are 2 points behind this area, but with what happened at the beginning of the season, no one is sure what the end will be for Dortmund. In the short term, Dortmund is still appreciated when they have to play away from home, they still accept 1 1/4, the highest level since 2012 until now as a guest of Cologne.

Dortmund's recent performance has also flourished: winning 3/4 of the last round in the Bundesliga. Not to mention, they overcame Sevilla to be in the quarterfinals of the Champions League (meeting Man City). The impressive ability of Erling Haaland in particular and the strength of the public goods in general is a solid fulcrum for this team. 

In the last 5 rounds in the Bundesliga, the Dortmund attacker has never scored less than 2 goals. Away from home this season, Dortmund used to have a 1 1/4 handicap and a 2-0 victory (that is, win in Asia).

On the other side of the battle line, Cologne is having problems with 5 consecutive wins without winning in the Bundesliga (losing 4). Now, although Cologne is ranked 14th out of 18, the team is only 1 point higher than the relegated group. Finally, despite beating Dortmund in the first leg this season, it is important to remember all four previous confrontations, the Ruhr club is the triumphal song team from expertise to the Asian match.