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Ligue 1: Lyon vs PSG

Lyon vs PSG

The uncompromising clash between Lyon and PSG in the 30th round of the Ligue 1 playground. A win is essential for both of them to continue towards the championship race. So wait and see, Lyon will take advantage of the successful home field to bring 3 full points like the first leg. Or PSG will prove the level of the French football king, thereby reclaiming the debt they borrowed not long ago.

Lyon vs PSG


Admittedly, Lyon is one of the top giants of French football, but for a long time "Lion" has not been able to step up to glory in the domestic playground. Last season, even the army of coach Rudi Garcia played very badly and did not have a ticket to participate in the European playground. The free footpath because it only appeared in the domestic tournaments partly brought Lyon's advantage. Because this team can concentrate 100% of its strength to conquer the Ligue 1 title, has been waiting for a long time. The home team won the Ligue 1 championship for the last time more than a decade ago. Therefore, this is probably the best chance of Lyon when PSG is still solving outstanding problems under coach Mauricio Pochettino. Currently, Lyon is doing very well his mission to become one of the brightest candidates for the championship title. Rudi Garcia's army is ranked 3rd on the rankings after bringing 60 points through 29 rounds. They are equal to PSG and are only below because they are inferior in sub-indexes, in addition, Lyon is 3 points behind Lille and has a chance to break through.


Referring to PSG, people will immediately remember a group that dominated French football both past and present. In particular, with too strong financial potential, PSG rarely found a worthy opponent in the domestic playground during the past decade. A scenario so boring that PSG can trade the domestic title to conquer the Champions League playground. Before Ligue 1 this season started, PSG was of course still the number one candidate for the championship title. However, up to now, PSG can no longer keep its arrogance. PSG is currently only second and 3 points behind the top team Lille. They are hoping to do well next time to return to the top of the table and maintain their title. It is possible, because PSG has temporarily finished solving the Champions League playground after defeating Barcelona to have tickets to participate in the quarterfinals. The problem is that PSG does not have a really stable form before entering this match with 3 wins and 2 losses. can play. The difficulty with PSG is that they only have 3 days off compared to Lyon's 8 and the fitness is a big problem for the other team when they continuously plow in the Cup arena.