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SerieATIM: Fiorentina vs Milan

Fiorentina vs Milan 

Having been in very poor form in recent times and when facing a more appreciated opponent like AC Milan, it is clear that experts also see that Fiorentina  will not be allowed to be subjective if you do not want to taste the bitter fruit. before the home team San Siro after the match of the 28th round of the Italian National Championship.

Fiorentina vs Milan


Still stable 14th in the Serie A rankings with 29 points after 27 rounds, fortunately for Fiorentina they are 7 points ahead of the dangerous group, but if they continue to play poorly like what. They are showing that since the beginning of 2021 (10/14 games are not won) it is very difficult to relegate successfully this season.

The opponent in round 28, AC Milan, has not played stably in the past, but Fiorentina is still the underdog completely in this match, so if you want to win, coach Cesare Prandelli's army needs to make full use of the muscles Assembly created because this is certainly a game that the home team of Artemio Franchi must defend and do not have many moments to counterattack.

AC Milan

After a very stable playing period in January and early February 2021, AC Milan suddenly declined with the last 4/6 matches not won in Serie A and 3 of them were failures. This disappointing achievement made the San Siro home team fall to 2nd place in the standings and 9 points behind the top target. Of course, the remaining time is still enough for the Milan team to return, but first of all, coach Stefano Pioli's army needs to find a sense of victory.

The opportunity came in the 28th round when their opponent would be the 14th Fiorentina team and although the mentality of the players of the San Siro team was not stable at all, but with a weaker opponent like The Viola, They clearly have reason to be confident with the 3-point quest in this game. Moreover, in the last 4 encounters, AC Milan also had 2 wins against Fiorentina, so there is no reason that the San Siro team does not once again sow the opponent.