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SerieATIM: Juventus vs Benevento

Juventus vs Benevento

After the shock of being eliminated from the Champions League playground, Juventus now has only Serie A left to hope to salvage an empty season. Despite being in a difficult position in the championship race, but "still slapping water" and coach Andrea Pirlo will unleash all their strength to expect a possible surprise.

Juventus vs Benevento


In the Serie A playground, the name Juventus has always been considered a leading force and in fact they have dominated the domestic league for the past decade. However, in the first season under coach Andrea Pirlo, this legend's immaturity caused Juventus to lose breath and faced a great risk of being usurped the throne. Currently with 55 points obtained after 26 rounds, Juventus is ranked second on BXJ and 10 points behind leading team Inter Milan. However, "Old Lady" is only 1 point behind the second ranked team AC Milan and it is important that Juventus still kicks less than 1 match. Of course, it is still a very difficult gap to level, especially when Inter Milan has been playing too stably all the time. Juventus recently defeated Cagliari 3-1 on away field, the match in which Ronaldo fired all 3 goals. That is exactly the anger of the Portuguese star after criticism directed at him. This result also helped Juventus temporarily forget the pain so that FC Porto was eliminated from the Champions League. Before this match, Paulo Dybala, Merih Demiral and Aaron Ramsey could not be present due to injury. Besides, Juan Cuadrado was suspended after receiving his fifth yellow card against Cagliari. However, with a draw 1 and 4 victory after the last 5 rounds in Serie A, Juventus has enough confidence to welcome Benevento.


Compared to his opponent, it is clear that Benevento is much lower, which is not difficult to understand because the visitors are even just a Serie A rookie this season. At present, Benevento's performance is extremely alarming, after the 1-4 defeat to Fiorentina a few days ago, the visitors extended their win streak to 11. In the above series, teachers and students Coach Filippo Inzaghi drew 5 and received 6 defeats. Currently, after 27 rounds, Benevento only gives himself 26 points and 16th place in the standings. They are 4 points behind the group holding the red light and of course need a lot of effort in the upcoming stage. Since the beginning of the season, the visitors' attack has only opened 27 shots and got an average of 1 goal per game. Meanwhile, Benevento's defense has conceded 52 goals, and this is also the third worst achievement of the tournament. The next lane to the courtyard, Benevento will be absent from Kamil Glik and Pasquale Schiattarella after the duo receive their fifth yellow card against Fiorentina. Besides, Gaetano Letizia, Iago Falque and Fabio Depaoli are still injured and can not return. The fact that he never won Juventus in the past is an obstacle that causes Benevento to miss his step in the upcoming trip.