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SerieATIM: Roma vs Napoli

Roma vs Napoli

Having a better performance than AS Roma , in  addition to a very good record against the opponent (unbeaten in the last 4/5 matches, including 3 wins), so Napoli  is very confident. can once again sow the Olimpico team .  Moreover, teachers and coaches Gattuso are also evaluated on par with the home team, so it is likely that this trip will not be too difficult for the Napoli team .

Roma vs Napoli

AS Roma

Having been in good form in recent times with the last 2/3 rounds unbeaten (2 wins), AS Roma has regained hope in the Top race with the gap with the fourth ranked team Atalanta at this time. there are 2 points left. This is considered an unexpected result because the Olimpico team has shown a disappointing performance before.

Welcoming the 5th ranked team, Napoli in the 28th round, is clearly a big challenge for coach Paulo Fonseca's teachers and students, moreover now the visitors are also back strong after a period of unsatisfactory competition. Moreover, the past record of confrontation with this opponent also makes the fans of AS Roma feel worried, particularly in the last 5 encounters, the home team only won 1 match, the rest is 3 failures and 1 draw.


Having been extremely stable in the early March period so far with an unbeaten record in a total of 4 official matches, Napoli has improved a lot of its position on the chart at that time. Moreover, the current performance (winning 3/4 of the last game) is helping the San Paolo home team rise to 5th place with 2 points less distance than the Top 4 goal.

Confronting AS Roma in the 28th round, the goal set in this match will definitely be 3 points because coach Gattuso's army understands that 1 victory will give them a chance to take 4th place from the hand. rival Atalanta.