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Soccer: Aston Villa vs Wolves

 Aston Villa vs Wolves

Aston Villa played 2 games less but still quite far from Wolves in the rankings. A huge advantage when playing at home with a gentle mentality. Surely it will be the motivation for teachers and coaches Dean Smith to have a good match to find themselves in the Champions League next season.

Aston Villa vs Wolves

Aston Villa

Aston Villa at the beginning of the season played very sublimated and had a time in the top 4. but unfortunately with an unstable form in the middle of the season and a lack of depth, teachers and coaches Dean Smith lost themselves when Currently only ranked 9th in the rankings after 25 matches with 39 points. Aston Villa only got 2 draws 2 wins and 1 loss in the last 5 appearances in the Premier League.

After a shameful 0-1 defeat against the bottom team of the Shelffield Utd table. The home team of Villa Park is showing fans a clear shortfall in the key phase of the season. Therefore, the reception of Wolves at home promises to be a performance with 100% of Aston Villa's energy to realize the Champions League dream.


On the away side, Wolves showed considerable exhaustion. HJV's teachers and students Nuno Santo ranked 12th on the rankings after 27 games with 34 points 5 points from Aston Villa, but they played more than 2 matches. Obviously this is an unexpected result because Wolves' ambition is also a place in the European arena, not just relegation. In the last 5 matches in the domestic league they only lost 1 match with 2 draws and 2 wins. "The wolves" certainly hasn't given up on its target.

Moreover, the confrontation history between the two teams shows that the chances of winning points are still divided equally for both Aston Villa and Wolves when in the last 10 meetings, both have 4 wins and 2 draws for themselves. and 4 defeats. With a sharp defensive counterattack under coach Nuno Santo, Wolves still makes it clear that they are not a team to bully even when playing away from home.