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Soccer: Atletico Madrid vs Real Madrid

Atletico Madrid vs Real Madrid

The downward form is causing Atletico Madrid to be under great pressure from two chasing opponents, Barcelona and Real Madrid. In this round, the reception of "White Vulture" is considered an extremely important turning point in the championship race. So wait and see, in a situation where teachers and coach Diego Simeone are not allowed to lose, they can prove their bravery.

Atletico Madrid vs Real Madrid

Atletico Madrid 

In a rather strange season, where Barcelona and Real Madrid both lost each other, the flag went to Atletico Madrid. With the leader of Luis Suarez, Barcelona's pole striker, Atletico Madrid played extremely stable. There was a time when they almost firmly held the throne with a distance of up to 10 points with the chasing group and still had 2 matches in hand. However, the slumping performance makes Atletico Madrid difficult for themselves. Currently with 58 points after 24 appearances, Atletico Madrid is still at the top of the rankings. However, Los Rojiblancos has only 5 points left to chase, Barcelona and Real Madrid. Of course, teachers and coaches Diego Simeone still has the advantage of not having a match yet. But that gap is not really safe if you look at the form of Atletico Madrid at the moment. Specifically, in the last 5 rounds, they only won 2 draws 2 and lost 1. Losing up to 7 points in this stressful period is definitely not recommended. So, in the Champions League playground, Atletico Madrid also lost 0-1 to Chelsea at home in the first round match of the eighth round.

Real Madrid 

Before the upcoming trip, the defending champion Real Madrid is extremely confident with his performance. In the Champions League playground, Real Madrid defeated Atalanta 1-0 in the first round of the eighth round in Italy. Thus, "White Vulture" is holding a huge advantage to enter the semifinals of the continental playground. In La Liga, although Real Sociedad has just allowed Real Sociedad to hold an unfortunate draw at home, this is still the period where Real Madrid played quite well. Accordingly, the last 5 rounds of coach Zinedine Zidane and coaches won 4 and drew 1. Currently Los Blancos is in third place with 53 points obtained. In which the achievement of this team is 16 wins, 5 divided points and 4 defeats. With 5 points less than Atletico Madrid, of course Real Madrid has no way back and they will do their best to get 3 points out. Remember, In the first leg, Real Madrid also got a 2-0 victory and it was a rare "1 in 2" defeat that Atletico Madrid had to receive this season. With winning all four of the last away games, it is clear that Real Madrid can kill the annoying neighbor to prove the king's strength.