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Soccer: Barcelona vs Huesca

Barcelona vs Huesca 

With PSG series out of the Champions League in the eighth round, Barcelona desperately need for themselves a victory to regain the confidence of the Spanish fans, only to welcome the leading team holding the red light Huesca. Messi and his teammates promise to show the audience an explosive match at the Camp Nou mecca.

Barcelona vs Huesca


Messi's penalty kick completely extinguished Barca's hopes in the Champions League race, but this partly helped Barcelona not be divided and could focus on the Spanish league. Moreover, an impressive victory at the present time, in addition to shortening the score gap with Atletico Madrid, the team is directly competing for the La Liga championship, which will be an opportunity for the "Catalan army" regain the fans' trust.

In the domestic league, Barcelona is showing a completely different face from C1, a series of 5 unbeaten matches helped coach Koeman Ronald's team ranked second with 56 points on the rankings. Only 6 points away from leading Atletico Madrid, the distance is not far and can be completely leveled. Only having to welcome Huesca is too surprised in the number one tournament in Spain in round 27 will be a better opportunity for teachers and coaches Koeman Ronald to win 3 points to reaffirm themselves in the race to win the cup. Prestigious La Liga.


Huesca is proving to fans how fierce the La Liga arena is, after 26 appearances, they receive 12 failures and only give themselves 3 wins. The army of teachers and coaches Rojo Martin Jose is leading the group holding the red light after 26 matches, they only have a meager 20 points. The 4-point gap with relegation group is not too far, but the distance in progress With the rest of the tournament, Huesca almost filled his name in the relegation group this season.

A second-class team plays in Spain's first-class arena, the guest job on the field of the big Barcelona man, the difference in level, experience and people makes Huesca close. as sure to fail for me. Only miracles can help coach and coach Rojo Martin Jose be able to endure the rage at Camp Nou.