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Soccer: Barnsley vs Derby County

Barnsley vs Derby County

Despite being considered a potential candidate for the relegation ticket, but in a flourishing season, Barnsley is doing too many things. The latest victory over Birmingham helped coach Valérien Ismaël's teachers and teachers officially set foot in the promotion play-off group. With a very high form of performance, an unstable Derby County makes it difficult to stop the Oakwell team.

Barnsley vs Derby County


To be fair, Barnsley has never been appreciated in the Championship playground. Last season, this team finished 21st in the final, even standing right above the relegation group with only 1 point more. It seemed that the scenario would continue to repeat, when at the beginning of this season they had to replace the captain's position. In particular, coach Valérien Ismaël will take on the task of stepping the Barnsley boat to complete the relegation goal. Up to this point, it can be confirmed that the Oakwell team is having a successful season beyond expectations. After 34 rounds, Barnsley got himself 57 points and 6th place in the standings. This is the result that will help Barnsley get tickets to the promotion play-off round and they will be determined to maintain this achievement. The current performance of coach Valérien Ismaël's teachers and students is very positive, even they have won all of the last 7 rounds. Only at the Championship playground, this team is unbeaten in all 9 recent appearances. Especially at home, Barnsley has won all 4 times to welcome guests.

Derby County

In stark contrast to Barnsley, Derby County players are expected a lot in the Premier League ticket after this season. That is also the goal that "Herd of sheep" set before the Championship this season kicked off. But all were disappointed with Derby County's lackluster performance. Even the visitors have to participate in the relegation battle and it must be thanks to Coach Wayne Rooney's ability to temporarily overcome difficulties. Currently, Derby County is at 19th place in the standings, in which they bring 38 points through 34 appearances. With a distance of 6 points to the group holding the red light, temporarily "Flock of sheep" can rest assured to accumulate more points. The problem is that the performance of Derby County is still very erratic, when the last 5 rounds they only won 1 draw 1 and lost to 3. On away field, The last 3 trips away from home, Derby County has both failed to leave. In the first leg match, this team also lost 0-2 to Barnsley at home. In addition to the current performance, it is too difficult for Coach Wayne Rooney and his students to leave.