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Soccer: Blackburn Rovers vs Brentford

Blackburn Rovers vs Brentford

Over the past 6 years, Brentford has gradually improved after each season and over the past 2 years Brentford has always been in the top of the Championship rankings. This season Brentford is temporarily in fourth place with 63 points after 34 matches, compared to the two above-ranked clubs, Watford and Swansea, Brentford is only 3 points less, at the time of entering the race. In the sprint, Brentford is in desperate need of points to be able to compete for the top spot, thereby getting a promotion ticket after years of diving in the English First Division. In the next match, Brentford will have a trip to Blackburn Rovers, this is the team that is standing in the second half of the rankings, so even as a guest team, the chances of winning teachers and coach Thomas Frank are quite good. light.

Soccer: Blackburn Rovers vs Brentford

Recently, Brentford has a somewhat unsettled record when only having 2 wins but had to receive 3 defeats out of the last 5 appearances on all fronts. Notably, all three matches that Brentford failed in this series were when Brentford played away, in the last time, Brentford had a trip to Norwich City, without the advantage of the field. And the clash with a very high-form team holding the top of the table, even if Brentford did not perform badly, he could not win. The only goal of the match was scored by Buendía for the home team thereby leaving Brentford blank in this match.

On the other side of the front line, Blackburn Rovers is not having a really good record this season when he only got 44 points after 35 rounds, thus temporarily standing at 14th in the total of 24 teams playing at here. This is a quite safe position for the club compared to the group holding the red light, but Blackburn Rovers is also being followed by names like Preston North End or Luton Town, these two teams have the same score. with Blackburn Rovers and only inferior in the sub-index, so if you can not win in the next match, Coach Tony Mowbray's teacher and teacher will probably be promoted to 14th place by these names.

As is known, Blackburn Rovers's opponent in the upcoming match Brentford is in a somewhat unstable form, but Coach Tony Mowbray's teachers and coaches are not much brighter when there is only 1 win, owning 2 draw and lose 2 matches in last 5 appearances. In the last 35th Championship match, Blackburn Rovers welcomed Swansea City at home and despite having some advantages, the encounter with a strong opponent like Swansea made Blackburn Rovers unable to bring home. win. The host only has 1 goal scored by Dack thereby only getting a 1-1 draw against Swansea. In general, Blackburn Rovers has been somewhat unstable recently, so the ability to win against Brentford in the upcoming match seems quite fragile.

The percentage of football in the Asian market listed for this match is only 1/4, even though it is the side that holds the advantage at home, Blackburn Rovers is not a plan that can help players win. The ability of both teams to hunt goals in recent times is not bad when Blackburn Rovers scored 6 goals in the last 5 matches taking place at his mecca, but only 1 win. And Brentford is a bit better when he got 8 goals in the last 5 trips away from home. Although the ability of both teams to hunt goals in the past time is not bad, but under the correlation of force and performance, the upcoming match will not have too many goals scored.