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Soccer: Bremen vs Bayern Munich

Bremen vs Bayern Munich

In the previous round, Bayern Munich showed the bravery of Germany's No. 1 team over the years and Europe's number 1 last season before defeating the "great rival" Dortmund 4-2 in the "Super classics" match despite being led. 0-2 before the first 10 minutes or less. 
Bremen vs Bayern Munich

That match, Robert Lewandowski became the main character again with a hat-trick against the opponent in the Ruhr area. Thus, Lewandowski had 31 goals in the Bundesliga after only 24 rounds. Remember that the season before the Polish star's performance reached the highest level of his career, his entire season in the Bundesliga was only 34 goals.

With such a terrible "goal" speed, Lewandowski is fully capable of breaking the all-time record in the Bundesliga playground: 40 goals in the 1971/72 season set by legendary Gerd Muller. 

Not only that, "FIFA The Best 2020" is also bright to win the title "European Golden Shoe" this season. Remember that the Bundesliga has only 18 teams meaning 34 rounds, which means less than 4 other major leagues up to 4 rounds means it is not easy for a player in the Bundesliga to win the title of Golden Boot wins are scored in the league, regardless of the number of matches or the average split.The top 5 leagues have a 2 factor per goal).

Remember last season, Lewy was very close to this noble award, but was finally "stole" by Lazio's Ciro Immobile, which caused a part of Serie A to have 38 rounds. 

This round, Lewandowski has a good chance to enhance his achievement because Bremen is one of the 32-year-old's most favored opponents. After 20 encounters with "Bremen musicians" in the Bundesliga player, he has ... 19 goals, which is approximately 1 goal / game.

In the first leg, Bremen was shocked with a 1-1 draw at the Allianz Arena. But the Bayern public goods are extremely "on the spot", plus the desire to increase personal achievements of Lewandowski, the Gray Lobster promises to have a victory without much difficulty.