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Soccer: Burnley vs Arsenal

Burnley vs Arsenal

Arsenal are playing quite erratically in the Premier League this season when in the middle of the rankings. The trip to Burnley is also not in good shape, it will be a good opportunity for the "Gunners" to improve the position this season.

Burnley vs Arsenal


Their last draw against Leicester City with Burnley is commendable for their efforts. The close match also more or less helps the fans of the Tulf Moor Stadium team forget the 0-4 defeat that their beloved team received against Tottenham.

On the current rankings with Burnley they get 29 points and 15th place of the rankings. This cough shows their difficulties. In the next round Burnley has a game to welcome Arsenal at home, which is forecasted to be difficult for him. Indeed because coach Sean Dyche's army is showing itself almost completely deadlocked in search of a goal when their attack is very ungainly with the last 3 matches they only have 1 goal Despite the home advantage, fans can not be optimistic when they have to welcome Arsenal too much in terms of experience and class.


Despite just beating Leicester City at King Power, but with only 10th place in the rankings after 26 matches with 37 points, the chance to win tickets to the Champions League next season has become very vague for the coach's army. Mikel Arteta.

Although the form is not good, but in the upcoming trip to Burnley, the Gunners of London are still appreciated, in all aspects Arsenal still has a quite far distance from Burnley on the rankings as well as experience in battle. in the No. 1 arena in the misty country. Obviously Arsenal will try to get 3 points against Burnley to improve their position on the standings as well as shorten the gap with the leading group. The victory just won at Leicester City will partly be a great spiritual motivation for coach Mikel Arteta's teachers and students. Not to mention the historical record, they are almost completely supporting the Gunners when they have won 8/10 matches against the home team Tulf Moor. So Arsenal's ability to win is still entirely within their ability.