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Soccer: Juventus vs FC Porto

Juventus vs FC Porto 

Since taking over the position of Juventus coach,  Andrea Pirlo has shown fans a very erratic up-and-down squad, failure at 2-1 in the first leg will cause "Old Lady" to make a lot of effort. for the second leg of round 1/8, want to win tickets to the Champions League. Welcoming Porto with home advantage, we can fully hope in the explosive match of Ronaldo and his teammates.

Juventus - Champions League

Rodrigo Bentacur's blunders in the first leg put Juventus in a difficult game, and indeed we saw a game that could not be worse. Defense could not be looser when it was made again and again with countless fatal mistakes, a soulless midfield when it was impossible to intercept the ball from the middle of the field and an attack was deadlocked but Ronaldo was locked dead, they only flashed for a few minutes at the end of the match and found themselves 1 goal away. It is fairer if more fortunate, the "Old Lady" can still have 1 draw, but a series of problems in all positions and erratic gameplay under coach Andrea Pirlo makes fans unable to complete peace of mind.

However, in the domestic arena, Juventus is gradually stabilizing and regaining its form when winning 2 consecutive victories in Serie A, keeping third place, losing only 1 point to the second team after 25 rounds. The dream of the championship is entirely within the ability of Ronaldo and his teammates if they can maintain a stable performance until the end of the season. Welcoming FC Porto at home in the round of 1/8 Champions League this time will be an opportunity for coach Andea Pirlo's army to prove themselves to the fans as well as win a ticket to continue despite losing. 2-1 in the first leg but give yourself 1 away goal. Although both Juventus and Porto have lifted the C1 championship, the difference in the class of the two teams is still unquestionable. An explosive home game will be what Juventus fans have been waiting for.

FC Porto  - Champions League

FC Porto is showing a very good game and extremely solidarity under coach Sergio Conceicao who has held this role for the fourth consecutive season. In Portugal, Porto is still the most successful team. Although he does not own the players who have the ability to decide a match like Cr7, "Herds of Dragons" have very good strikers that know how to take full advantage of the opportunity. In this rematch, despite being a guest and receiving great pressure on the Juventus field, Porto has repeatedly shown himself a defensive style that is completely not inferior to any team in Serie A.

In the first leg, thanks to taking full advantage of the mistake in the Juventus defense, FC Porto won an important victory, teachers and coach Sergio Conceicao even had an overwhelming game when the stone pressed very well. Efficiency only proved exhausted at the end of the game. However, looking at the past, Juventus always showed himself very precarious in the first leg, but the second leg with home advantage and being ahead will make this guest Porto have to play 100% more energy if he wants to win. Give me a ticket to continue in the prestigious Champions League tournament. If you do not maintain a solid defense and stable performance on the whole team, it is very likely that FC Porto will turn into a "baby dragon" before the angry "Old Lady".