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Soccer: Liverpool vs Fulham

Liverpool vs Fulham

The Anfield Sanctuary is no longer a solid fulcrum for Liverpool when repeatedly receiving defeats. However, welcoming a Fulham who is in the relegation group will be an opportunity for coach Klopp's army to return to their home winning streak.

Liverpool vs Fulham


After a win against the bottom of the Sheffield United rankings, Liverpool most recently had to lose 0-1 to Chelsea at Anfield. This is the 5th time in a row that coach Klopp's army has failed at home after its previous inviolable series.

Further, than that in his 8 home rounds in the Premier League arena, coach Klopp's army had 7 unsuccessful matches. The latest victory at Anfield by the "Red Brigade" was the victory over Tottenham in mid-December last year. In the next round, Liverpool only has to welcome the flabby Fulham in the last group of the rankings. Although the home field is not good, the ability of the Premier League champions is still considered to be quite superior to the London city team. Moreover, the Anfield team really needs a victory to completely step out of the dark days, reaffirm their position and class in the No.1 tournament in the land of fog and continue to look forward to the Top 4 race to lead.


On the other side of the field, Fulham, despite trying very hard against Tottenham in the last round, the results were not as expected. The 0-1 defeat to the opponent makes the coach Scott Parke still ranked 18th on the current rankings, although only 3 points behind the safe group if this poor record is maintained. Perhaps Fulham can hardly escape the relegation scene next season.

Having a lot of current difficulties with Fulham, they are even more at a disadvantage with their schedule. After the recently highly-appreciated defeat to Tottenham, coach Scott Parke's team also had to be a guest in front of defending champions Liverpool, this is clearly a huge challenge for the London team because despite creating surprises. When holding the opponent in the first leg this season, they are still far behind their opponents in terms of ability. On the other hand, the performance of Fulham's previous trips to Anfield was very bad when he lost all four times to march to this land. Therefore, the ability of teachers and teachers to create surprises, Coach Scott Parke, is really difficult.