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Soccer: Man City vs M.Gladbach

Man City vs M.Gladbach

With an impressive series of performances this year, Manchester City is a good candidate for the C1 Cup, winning 2-0 difference in the first leg and only Borussia M. Gladbach is in crisis in the first round of the second round. 8 will be an opportunity for coach Pep Guardiola's teachers to extend an impressive series of achievements.

Man City vs M.Gladbach

Manchester City - Champions League 

Manchester City are still leading the Premier League table 14 points away from the second ranked team. This too safe distance allows the green half of Manchester to freely put his energy into the Champions League. Moreover, the European arena seems to be giving too much priority to coach Pep Guardiola when their opponents are in turn much weaker teams.

After an easy 3-0 victory over Marseille,  Manchester City passed the group stage with an unbeaten record even they won 5/6 matches and had 16 points for themselves in 1st place in Group C, At In the first round of the eighth round, teachers and coach Pep Guardiola continued to win 2-0 against Borussia M. Gladbach, the gap is too large in experience and class, experts say "The Citizens" will be easy It is easy for me to have a separate victory to help Manchester City nurture my dream of raising the prestigious Champions League trophy.

Borussia M.Gladbach - Champions League

In the Bundesliga, Borussia M.Gladbach's performance is falling dramatically when they do not give themselves a victory, or even lose the last 4/5 matches in the domestic league. In this difficult period, facing Manchester City, a team that has a destructive form and no sign of stopping, will be the last trip of coach Marco Rose's teachers and students in the Champions arena. League.

After suddenly passing the group stage in second place in Group B with 8 points. In the first leg of the eighth round, Borussia M. Gladbach showed his class when it was completely overwhelmed by the British representative and if Manchester City did not want to preserve the force, surely the teacher and coach Marco Rose. has received more than 2 goals conceded. Apparently "The Citizens" will be the one who will put an end to German football representatives in Europe's No. 1 arena in the second leg at the Puskas Arena. Although there are upcoming efforts, but with his ability, the representative of the Bundesliga has created a surprise is almost not possible.