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Soccer: Man United vs AC Milan

Man United vs AC Milan

Both are showing a very stable performance in both domestic and European competitions, so the match between Manchester United and AC Milan in the 1/8 round of Europa League this week is considered very attractive because fate between 2 teams. Of course, in terms of the squad, the British representative is proving stronger than the opponent and should remember that in this first leg, coach Solskjaer's teachers and teachers will have home advantage and they will do everything to bring back victory, thereby confidently marching to Italy in the return leg.

Man United vs AC Milan

Manchester United - UEFA Europa League 

Temporarily leaving the domestic arena with a series of 8 consecutive unbeaten matches in the Premier League, Manchester United will continue to look to the Europa League with the first leg of the eighth round at home to welcome AC Milan guests. The fans of the Old Trafford team can also be somewhat assured when the achievement of each playing at home is quite stable, specifically since the end of January 2021, Manchester United has played the total. plus 7 home games and they are unbeaten to 6 games and of them there are 3 wins. Obviously, the home field is always a solid fulcrum to help teachers and coaches Solskjaer be confident in front of all players and AC Milan is no exception.

AC Milan - UEFA Europa League 

The fact that coach Stefano Pioli is developing a lot of strength in the domestic arena in the championship race with Inter Milan and Juventus is also an issue that coach Stefano Pioli needs to pay attention to when making tactics for students in the first leg of the round of 16. Europa League with Manchester United away. Because according to statistics, in the next 1 week, they will have to play up to 3 matches, so in order to have enough strength for all goals, the Italian representative needs to have certain plans and a draw in the first leg. Going away is also something acceptable that the San Siro team can aim for. But it is not easy for the away team to achieve this result.