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Soccer: Newcastle United vs Aston Villa

Newcastle United vs Aston Villa

Outside relegation, Newcastle United have no goals in the Premier League this season, in the context of desperate need for points to increase the gap with the relegation group. Welcoming Aston villa is mistaken for a serious crisis, whether teachers and coaches Bruce Steve can take advantage of the home field to give themselves a beneficial result.

Newcastle United vs Aston Villa

Newcastle United - Premier League

Newcastlle is in a very difficult situation when only ranked 16th after 27 rounds with the same 27 points, only 1 point from the group holding the red light, although the mark is less than 1 match. With the current situation, coach Bruce Steve's team will have to make more effort in the remainder of the season if they do not want to be relegated next season. The match against Aston Villa at home will be an opportunity for Newcastle to find points, thereby consolidating their position on the rankings.

In fact, statistics still show that in 10 times met in the domestic league since 2013. Newcastle have won 4 draws 4 and only lost 2 matches. The huge advantage from playing at home, if there are appropriate adjustments at this moment, the chance of finding a beneficial result against Aston Villa is still not too far away for Newcastle United. However, the gap in points and position on the rankings shows that welcoming Aston Villa at the present time is not easy for teachers and coach Bruce Steve despite having a huge advantage from home field. .

Aston Villa - Premier League

Meanwhile, Aston Villa has also been on the decline recently, after a disappointing 0-1 defeat to bottom-ranked Sheffield Utd and a bitter goalless draw with a side underrated Wolves. Although the top 4 is only 10 points, the army of coach Dean Smith will have to try a lot more than now to be able to win a ticket to participate in the race to win the Champions League next season.

In the domestic league, Aston Villa is ranked ninth after 26 matches and a series of slippery days, making them only 40 points. The gap is not too far for the top 4 when they are playing 2 games less. So despite being a guest, Aston Villa really needs to find themselves a reasonable and creative strategy against Newcastle United, the team is struggling to win its relegation. The army of coach Dean Smith is completely not allowed to miss the opportunity to find themselves a victory.