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Soccer: PSG vs Barca

PSG vs Barca 

Barcelona are probably in need of miracles to appear in their trip to Paris Saint-Germain in the second leg when they lost 4-1 at the Camp Nou. The gap in terms of the score is quite large and this may be the reason why the Catalan team ended their journey in the Champions League.

PSG vs Barca

Paris Saint-Germain  - Champions League

PSG is showing impressive performance in all competitions, surpassing the 1/16 round of the French national cup, continuing the sublimation chain with second place in the Ligue 1 rankings after 28 rounds with 60 points losing the first place. The Lille table only 2 points or an overwhelming victory in the first round of the eighth round in Europe's most prestigious arena, it is clear that the coach of Mauricio Pochettino's team is extremely comfortable before welcoming Barca in the second leg. 1/8 round on the home field "Park of the Princes".

In the first leg of the eighth round, the representative of France performed an impressive attack stance, even somewhat superior and realized by a 4-1 victory at home with a rich team. Spain. Messi called after the goal on the 11m mark and Mbappe responded sternly with a hattrick for PSG to win as well as the advantage of 4 away goals. France with extremely stable gameplay and great advantages from home field, coach Mauricio Pochettino promises to completely end Barca's chances of continuing in the Champions League this season.

Barcelona  - Champions League

The fact that the two opponents directly competing for the La Liga championship holding each other has brought hope to Barcelona in the championship race this season. In the domestic league, the Catalan army is on the rise when it comes to 2nd place in the rankings with 56 points after 26 matches, only 1 victory away from the above team. If the impressive series continues in La Liga, the ability to raise the championship trophy is not out of reach of teachers and teachers Ronald Koeman.

In stark contrast to the performance in the Spanish league. In the Champions League arena, Barcelona showed themselves a very bad game in the first round of the eighth round. In Barca's three strikers, only Messi makes a mark and realizes it with an early goal on the 11m mark, Griezmann proved to be extremely ungainly in front of the frame when making many shots that did not hit the target, or worse than Dembele had a chance after Messi's neck-free pass launched a shot like passing the ball to goalkeeper Navas. The previous performance of bleak makes the opportunity representative quite fragile. In addition to being a guest at PSG's home field in the second leg of this eighth round, the Catalan team will need a miracle if they want to go upstream at the Parc des Princes.