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Soccer: Real Madrid vs Atalanta

Real Madrid vs Atalanta

Although they have won in the first leg, but before Atalanta is still eager to show themselves in the Champion League arena, welcoming the Italian football representative will certainly not be easy for coach Zinedine Zidane.

Real Madrid vs Atalanta

Real Madrid - Champions League 

In the domestic arena, Los Blancos is gradually regaining their bravery, Real Madid is ranked second with only 6 points from the top team Atletico Madrid. In the 2019/20 Champions League season Real Madrid had to stop in the eighth round after losing to Manchester City with a total of 4-2. So it is clear that the Spanish representative will certainly not allow me to lose the chance to win my ticket to continue in the C1 arena this year.

In the first leg, the army of coach Zinedine Zidane also had a minimum victory with 1 valuable away goal. Welcoming Atalanta in the second leg, the gap in class as well as the experience of fighting in Europe's most prestigious arena, along with great advantages from home and the return of a series of important pillars after injury love. Promises to be an opportunity to help Real Madrid win for himself 1 win to prove he is still a big man in the Champions League arena.

Atalanta - Champions League

The representative of Italian football also showed that he was not an easy opponent to play. In Serie A, they are still showing impressive performance when they won the last 4/5 matches in the domestic league. The coherent and effective attack helped Atalanta confidently step into the C1 arena with second place in Group D. Despite a 0-1 defeat in the first leg, teachers and coaches Gasperini Gian Piero still has the right to raise hope. go on in the Champions League arena.

Freuler's red card from the 17th minute in the first leg caused Atalanta to completely change the way of playing back into the home field to implement the typical defensive style of Italian football. Real Madrid, with a squad without many pillars, was completely stuck in front of the strong defense of the home team, if there was no outrageous shot that would bring Mendy's only goal in the 86th minute, surely he would. Coach Gasperini Gian Piero successfully defended his net. However, the return trip to the 1/8 round at Real Madrid will certainly not be an easy match for the Italian football representative. Atalanta needs a lot of effort to hope to get himself the right to continue in the European arena.