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Soccer: Slavia Praha vs Rangers

Slavia Praha vs Rangers

Outperforming Austrian representative Royal Antwerp in round 1/16 Europa League, Rangers will continue to face another nasty opponent in the next round, which is the representative of the Czech Republic - Slavia Praha. Despite being underestimated in this match, the Scottish team still has the right to be confident because if they play exactly the way they beat rival Royal Antwerp, teacher Steven Gerrard will become extremely worthwhile. ledge. Moreover, Rangers have also won in the last 3/4 away matches.

Slavia Praha vs Rangers

Slavia Praha - UEFA Europa League 

The game is scientific and has certainly been effective when Slavia Praha defeated their much stronger opponent, Leicester City in the round of 1/16 not long ago, coach Jindrich Trpisovsky and his students would have to maintain their style. His stability in the match against Rangers in the middle of this week if he wants to take advantage before the second leg on away field. A minimum victory is enough for the home team of Sinobo to be confident before the second leg, but to say the same, if they let the away team score, then the disadvantage will belong to the representative of the Czech Republic and This risk is very likely because the Rangers also possess sharp attack goods.

Rangers - UEFA Europa League

Meanwhile, on the away Rangers side, they are having a stable performance recently and the Ibrox team is still very confident to overcome Slavia Praha in the first leg of the round 1/8 Europa League right on the ground. Czech Republic. More than that, coach Steven Gerrard's army still needs to show a greater certainty in the defense - What this team has been doing well in recent times, as evidenced by the record of keeping clean sheets in the last two games. Therefore, if you want to bring advantage before the return leg at home, at least the home team Ibrox will not be allowed to score goals and this is not a difficult task for the representatives of Scotland if This team kicks properly.