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Soccer: Tottenham vs Crystal Palace

 Tottenham vs Crystal Palace

Tottenham will have a welcome to Crystal Palace in the next round, their goal will definitely be a jubilant victory to continue the sublimation series.

Tottenham vs Crystal Palace


Tottenham has risen to 8th place on the rankings, they have now narrowed the gap from the top 4 to 5 points while playing less than 1 game. When the competitors turn to "happen", the opportunity to chase and be able to catch up with coach Mourinho is completely feasible, especially when they are having a strong comeback in the near future. Following are previous difficulties encountered.

After the defeat at West Ham, the Tottenham players have won 3 consecutive victories, the attack has scored 9 goals, and especially the defense is sure to keep clean sheets. It can be seen that, when psychology, as well as determination, are pushed up, the "rooster" is very dangerous. Besides, strikers like Gareth Bale or Harry Kane are in good shape at the moment, especially the Wolves striker who has somewhat regained his sense of the ball when repeatedly shooting. Notably, Tottenham knows how to take advantage of its opportunities and bravery, the last minimum victory on Fulham's field is the clearest proof of this.

Crystal Palace 

Crystal Palace is a safe distance from the relegation group, they have 34 points after 27 rounds and temporarily ranked 13th on the rankings. Not playing too impressive, but the team nicknamed "eagle" has proved to be quite stable recently when being unbeaten in the last 3 rounds, in which won 1 victory. However, this trip here is seen as a challenge for them.

It can be seen that Crystal Palace owns a bad team with familiar names like Andros Townsend, Christian Benteke, or Jordan Ayew. Their playstyle is to defend firmly and push the ball up for strikers to use their speed to breakthrough. Obviously, this tactic is not suitable against teams that have similar styles, the defeat at home to Burnley not long ago was an example. This makes fans have a reason to worry for their pet team in the next battle with Tottenham, especially when the head-to-head record is completely against Crystal Palace players.