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Soccer: West Ham vs Leeds United

West Ham vs Leeds United

West Ham is still showing itself as one of the teams worth watching in the Premier League this season when coach and coach David Moyes are still dreaming of a ticket to the Champions League next season.

West Ham vs Leeds United

West Ham

Despite the defeat against Manchester City in the last round, but with West Ham, this is not too much to blame for their ability. This defeat caused the Dumbbell Hammer to fall to 7th place on the current rankings with 45 points after 26 rounds.

In fact, with West Ham now, the gap between them and the top 4 of Chelsea is now only 2 points less. However, teachers and coaches David Moyes are currently playing less than 1 round and their ambitions are still very much for the rest of this season. In the upcoming round, The Hammers only have to welcome Leeds United on their home field. Although their opponent is also a nasty name this season, with the current spirit and determination of West Ham and the favorable factors at home, they are still being appreciated. In addition, the home field performance of teachers and coaches David Moyes is also quite impressive when they have won 7 rounds and only lost 3 since the beginning of the season.

Leeds United

On the other side of the front line, Leeds United, after the victory over Southampton, ended their sad streak, but most recently coach Marcelo Bielsa's army received more failures when receiving Aston Villa at their home field.

The defeat against Aston Villa was also the 13th time that the Elland Road team had to receive this season. However, the performance of the Premier League rookie is acceptable when they give themselves 11 wins and 2 draws. Currently, Leeds United is ranked 11th on the rankings with 35 points, although there are not many motivational goals for the rest of the season, to ensure relegation, coach Marcelo Bielsa needs to reach 40 points the rest. The upcoming trip to West Ham Stadium with Leeds United has an impressive record in the past with only one failure, but now their opponents are very sublimated in the season. So it will not be surprising that coach Marcelo Bielsa's army suffers from an empty-handed scene during the upcoming trip away from home.