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UEL: Arsenal vs Olympiacos

Arsenal vs Olympiacos

Having the advantage of winning 3-1 on away field in the first leg of the round 1/8 Europa League, but clearly Arsenal can not be so subjective in the return leg at home. However, at this time, it is the home team who have a more stable performance and if they do not join in a focused way, Olympiacos completely lost the chance to go to the British representative.
Arsenal vs Olympiacos

Arsenal -  Europa League 

Defeating a direct opponent in the Top 5 race this season in the Premier League is Tottenham with a score of 1-0 and it is fair to say that 3 points against a direct opponent is something too proud of Arsenal. At this time, they have 10th place with 7 points less than West Ham himself, ranked 5th. This is a distance enough to hope for the players of the Emirates Stadium team to have determination. in the next matches in the domestic league as well as the European arena.

And one of them will be the second leg of the 1/8 Europa League round at home to welcome Olympiacos visitors, with the advantage of a 3-1 victory in Greece in the first leg, Arsenal have the right to believe in their ability to continue because even if they lose at least, they are sure to continue thanks to the away goal rule.

Olympiacos -  Europa League 

The competition is less stable than Arsenal's rival in recent times and so is not enough for Olympiacos to be considered a rival to the army of coach Mikel Arteta at the moment. The concrete evidence is that the 1-3 defeat at home in the first leg of Olympiacos, perhaps the Greek representative needs a little more luck to be able to make a surprise in the second leg. difficult at the Emirates mecca.

Of course, it is easy to say it is difficult to make, so in this match there will be no other plans for coaches and coaches Besnik Hasi because they need to attack, score and bring victory to have a chance. Go on.