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UFC: Brunson vs Holland

Brunson vs Holland

In yet another attempt to reappear in the middleweight division, competent Derek Brunson (21-7 in MMA, 12-5 in the UFC) has yet another opportunity to break the top 5's ceiling and show that he deserves a spot to fight with the big guys of the division. With three consecutive victories, the American impressed with a good victory over Edman Shahbazyan by technical knockout in 2020. Now, the moment of truth arrives for the athlete to prove himself.

Brunson vs Holland

At 37 years of age, Derek Brunson managed to evolve considerably in the technical part at a later stage of his career in the sport. From an  explosive but not so technical wrestler , Brunson improved in the standing part of the fight and proved to be a  boxer with simple but effective combinations, especially with the power of his hands. Although he is not so creative when striking, Derek has also improved the volume of his strokes and is now putting a lot of pressure on his opponents. His defense is still the biggest problem in his game, a relatively quiet target for more technical and agile fighters.

If there is a history that is impressive in the middleweight category today, this is certainly Kevin Holland's almost meteoric rise (21-5 in MMA, 8-2 in the UFC). From a middleweight fighter who always fulfilled his role (™), the American stepped on the pedal during the pandemic and hitched five consecutive victories only in 2020. The last one, in a very impressive way, against the Brazilian Ronaldo Jacaré . At just 28 years of age, Kevin Holland emerges as an option for those who always deliver competent performances and legal fights to watch. However, the broth starts to thicken and it's time to test, in fact, how far it can go. Nothing better than facing the best doorman in the division, right?

With a very orthodox style and a preference for plastic blows, Holland is a special case for having an impressive wingspan of 2.06m. Such physical valence helps him introduce his strategy of keeping the fight at a long distance, controlling the pace of his opponents and striking with a  correct timing with his different kicks - and this will be fundamental to beat Brunson. His grappling fight is not very technical, and when he uses  wrestling driven by his physical strength, it is usually with the intention of hitting the ground.

In this interesting clash of styles, Derek Brunson and Kevin Holland meet in this five- round duel  with practically the same objective: to reach the top of the category to, in short, take higher flights. One has tried and failed at all times. The other, who lives in a unique moment, wants to prove that it is not just one of the several cases of arson that we have already seen in MMA.

Brunson is a complicated duel for Holland for his momentum and efficiency in the short distance, and can offer many risks to his opponent if he can find his pace. With his karate base, Kevin will have to make an effort to keep his distance and needs to be careful with his kicks, because if he is knocked down, he will have a bad time. The bet goes to a victory by technical knockout of Holland in the fourth  round in a well balanced fight, which must be decided in detail in the main fight of UFC Vegas 22.