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WCQ: Belgium vs Belarus

Belgium vs Belarus

Falling into the group quite gently when only having to encounter opponents that are not overestimated, the Belgian team is expected to soon win a direct ticket in Group E to attend the 2022 World Cup final on earth. Qatar. After the first 4 points, they have the opportunity to improve their achievements again when they only have to meet their bottom opponent, Belarus, in the third match.

Belgium vs Belarus


On the Belgian team, coach Roberto Martinez and his coach have had a good start in the 2022 World Cup qualifiers when they won 4 points in the first two matches, thereby ranking 2nd due to poor Czech Republic. is the sub-index. With what is shown, Lukaku and his teammates deserve praise from their fans.

However, this is only the first stage of a difficult push, so it is too early for this team to celebrate. The next match in the World Cup qualifying campaign of 2022, the Belgian team will have a welcome to Belarus at home, 3 points will definitely be the goal that coach Roberto Martinez's teachers and coaches are aiming for, but remember that the home team will is not allowed to be subjective.


Belarus are off to a pretty smooth start in the 2022 World Cup qualifiers in Europe, having won 3 points after the second match. It is important that they have just had a very important victory against their opponents Estonia. The strong score 4-2 against this opponent is more than enough for coach Mikhail Markhel's army to bring certain advantages in the race to qualify for the second qualifying round.

The reason that the Eastern European team does not aim to win direct tickets is because they have to be in the same group as the mighty Belgian team, so it will be difficult for the Belarusian players to aim for an outrageous goal. In the third match, their opponent is the Belgian team, so a draw is the most practical goal that coach Mikhail Markhel's army can set.