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WCQ: Bos-Herze vs France

Bos-Herze vs France 

In the third match of Group D qualifying for the 2022 World Cup, Bosnia & Herzegovina will have the opportunity to witness the power of the French, the team has just beat Kazakhstan 2-0, thereby continuing the series of matches. their unbeaten on all fronts to number 4 since November 2020.

Bos-Herze vs France

Bosnia & Herzegovina

As for Bosnia and Herzegovina, winning a victory is not easy. Accordingly, since November 2019 up to now, teachers and coaches Ivaylo Petev have only won 1 match against the weak team, Liechtenstein. In the framework of World Cup qualifiers alone, the last 2 matches of the Balkan team could not win a match. Notably, in the last match they drew 2-2 against a not too strong opponent, Finland.

Bosnia & Herzegovina wants to dedicate a beautiful match, want to have the next score at the 2022 World Cup qualifying campaign. But watch out, this wish of captain Edin Dzeko and his teammates are too much compared to the total capacity. Team, in front of a mountain too high is the French team.


2 matches passed, it is not surprising that the top of Group D belongs to the French team (with 6 points), not the biggest opponent in the race to win direct tickets, Ukraine (currently has 2 points). . The reason is because the duo of candidates for the top spot, the defending champions of the World Cup and Ukraine had to face each other quite early (draw 1-1).

Moreover, the above ranking will still be maintained for a long time, especially it is likely that it will not change after the third match, although the Eastern European team will meet Kazakhstan, coach Didier Deschamps' army is only. must compete against the not-appreciated team, Bosnia & Herzegovina (the team is ranked 56th on the FIFA rankings). It is evident that they are also many times stronger than Bosnia & Herzegovina. Therefore, this is considered a very good opportunity for Griezmann and his teammates to earn 3 more points, thereby continuing to maintain the top of the table.