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WCQ: Czech vs Belgium

Czech vs Belgium

Perhaps the task of stopping the Belgian team now is something too much for the Czech Republic when their squad has lost a lot compared to the past. Moreover, although this was a match where Coach Jaroslav Silhavy and his teachers were playing at home, a draw was also successful for Patrik Schick and his teammates.

Czech vs Belgium

Czech Republic 

As for the Czech Republic, although it is no longer an overrated team in Europe as in the past, in Group E of the 2022 World Cup qualifying, Patrik Schick and his teammates are still candidates No. 2 for a spot in Qatar 1 year after the Belgian team. This is making the players of the Crystal country more determined to achieve a beneficial result in welcoming Belgium in the second round of the 2022 World Cup qualifying match in Europe.

However, the home team fans should not put too much expectations on their players because the Belgian team is simply too strong at the moment. And if you cannot play firmly and concentrate during the 90 minutes of official competition, a draw is something that cannot be done with an experienced team like the Czech Republic.


After the success of the Euro 2020 qualifying round and winning tickets to the final round, the Belgian team still showed impressive performance and its irresistible strength in subsequent matches. The evidence is 2 recent consecutive victories with a too convincing way of playing, although opponents like Wales or Denmark are difficult to give as a measure of the strength of coach Roberto Martinez and his teachers, but clearly they are still very strong.

Owning an all-star lineup, it is not surprising that the Belgian team aims to win strongly in the match against the Czech Republic in the second match of the 2022 World Cup qualifying match in Europe. Remember, coach Jaroslav Silhavy's team has never been an easy opponent to play at home in this match.