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WCQ: France vs Ukraine

France vs Ukraine 

During the past time, France has always shown its dominance in each match with all opponents thanks to an extremely uniform lineup in all three lines, so the match at the 2022 World Cup qualifying match is here. With Ukraine, an opponent that is considered weaker than them, it is difficult to win that may slip out of the hands of coach Didier Deschamps when they will play at home.

France vs Ukraine


The recent convincing victory in the UEFA Nations League match against Sweden is making the French players regain a lot of confidence after the somewhat unfortunate defeat against Finland in the last friendly match. . Before the well-known solid defense of Sweden, coach Didier Deschamps and coaches attacked too well to end the game with 4 goals scored in the opponent's net.

With what is shown, the Lucian team promises to be extremely formidable at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. However, having to be in the same table with uncomfortable opponents such as Ukraine, Finland or Bosnia & Herzegovina will also make Pogba and his teammates face a little difficult and require extremely high concentration if you do not want to be unsatisfied. expected to say goodbye to the biggest football festival in the world after 1 year.


Eliminated from the last UEFA Nations League group stage, which is the best proof of the strength of Ukraine at the moment, they are just a weak team compared to the top opponents in Chau. Europe. The Eastern European team has been in fairly poor form in recent matches and most of those results are against highly rated opponents.

Even the latest defeat by coach Andriy Shevchenko is also the encounter with a German superior to them, so the first match in the upcoming World Cup qualifiers with the French team will continue to be a challenge. difficulties with Ukraine and it is likely that they will fall.