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WCQ: Germany vs Iceland

Germany vs Iceland

The German team will begin their World Cup qualifying journey tonight with a welcome to Iceland at home. This is the early final of Group J when the remaining opponents of this group have no door compared to the two top teams of the continent.

Germany vs Iceland

This summer Euro Finals will mark the end of the 15-year period leading the German team of coach Joachim Low. That is the announcement made by the 61-year-old strategist earlier this March. 

Joachim Low's first World Cup in 2010 saw the German team win a bronze medal. Four years later, "The Tank" defeated Argentina in the final to take the emotional throne in Brazil. But only 4 years later, the defending champion had to leave the World Cup playing field in disgrace right from the group stage.

Germany only won 1 of 3 matches in the 2018 World Cup group stage and finished at the bottom of the table, seeing Mexico and Sweden win tickets to the next round. Die Mannschaft has been trying hard to get up since that disastrous tournament. However, recent disappointing matches have made Joachim Low's teachers and students' unbeaten achievements in 2020 overlooked.

The German team won 2 wins and 3 draws in the first 5 matches in the Nations League. But then they were crushed by Spain with a score of 6-0 in a match in Sevilla. It was a match that marked a defeat with the first 6 goals distance of the German team after 89 years. 

Germany can still be confident when their home record is extremely impressive. Die Mannschaft lost only 1 of the last 15 matches at home. That is the biggest fulcrum for "The Tank" when welcoming an uncomfortable opponent is Iceland.

The island team is preparing for a new era after Erik Hamren left and former international Arnar Vidarsson heading to his first match as captain. 

Hamren's Iceland has been relegated from League A of the Nations League by losing 6/6 matches to Denmark, England and Belgium. Iceland's most recent victory was in the Euro play-off semi-final against Romania. However, they were beaten 2-1 by Hungary and will not be able to reproduce their historic journey in Euro 2016. 

However, Iceland will have the opportunity to participate in the World Cup playground for the second time. history after making his debut in Russia in 2018. It was the World Cup that Iceland had to leave right from the group stage with only 1 point after 3 matches. 

Tonight will be the 5th time that Germany and Iceland reunite. Germany's force and form are completely superior and it is likely that Iceland will have to receive a disastrous defeat to open the reign of coach Vidarsson.