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WCQ: Israel vs Scotland

Israel vs Scotland

In general, Scottish football has remained stable over the years.  But at the end of last year, Scotland excelled at defeating Serbia, which was rated higher than the 11m penalty in the play-off final to win a ticket to participate in EURO 2020. Remember that after 20 years of absence, Scotland new  be present in the final of a major tournament (World Cup or Euro).

Israel vs Scotland

Notably, before overcoming Serbia in the play-off final, Scotland eliminated Israel itself in the semi-final.  That day, according to the draw from the beginning, Scotland was played at home (the semi-finals took place only one time).  The two teams drew 1-1 after 120 minutes before Scotland defeated their opponents in a series of gun battles.

However, soon after, Israel successfully claimed its debt by defeating Scotland in the UEFA Nations League, although the tournament was less prestigious and did not have as much professional significance as the World Cup qualifiers or the Euro.

To the reunion in the 2022 World Cup qualifying round, Israel continued to play at home as an almost victory last November.  In both matches, the official odds for the match are Draw to lose (0: 0).

That is a sign that Israel is more likely to win again, although not simply.  At the hole, they defeated Scotland in both of their opponents.  Currently, Scotland has not even won 3 consecutive away matches, indeed, the possibility of having Scottish roots is not high.