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WCQ: Italy vs N Ireland

Italy vs N Ireland

In the 2022 World Cup qualifying for Europe, Italy is in Group C with four other competitors: Switzerland, Northern Ireland, Bulgaria and Lithuania. In all respects, Italy is clearly too bright to win the only direct ticket of the group to the biggest football festival on the planet next summer (for the top team). The most formidable opponent is Switzerland.

Italy vs N Ireland

However, in this gathering, although Italy will play up to 3 qualifying matches within just 1 week, but will not have to meet Switzerland, but will face 3 more comfortable opponents. Tonight, the Thien Thanh army opened with a welcome to Northern Ireland. at home 

Until now, Northern Ireland still possesses a style of English football, based on the majority of players playing in the Premier League or the First Division of England. They have reached the 1/8 Euro 2016 round and, although unable to qualify for the Euro 2020 final, they were only eliminated in the playoff round.

Of course, as a strong Italian guest, Northern Ireland will have to play defensively, but at this time, the Azzurri has a lot of good options on the attack. 

More importantly, since taking office, coach Roberto Mancini has blown into the Italian national team a new style, with a more attacking style instead of the traditional pragmatic style while still ensuring the achievement aspect. For example, Italy easily won a ticket to the Euro 2020 finals after winning the qualifying round (10 matches).

Do not forget that in the 2018 World Cup qualifiers, Italy failed to win tickets to the finals. Next, Italy continues to be unbeaten in Group 1 League A (highest class) in the UEFA Nations League 2020-21 (3 wins, 3 draws) and will be participating in the final gathering of the top 4 teams of League A. 

In particular, Italy currently owns a 22-match unbeaten circuit in all competitions. In the last 10 home matches, they also had 8 triumphs.