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WCQ: Luxembourg vs Portugal

Luxembourg vs Portugal

Showing a respectable strength in Group A qualifying for the 2022 World Cup in Europe, Portugal is facing a great opportunity to win a direct ticket to Qatar in the summer of another year. So, if they continue to maintain a stable performance like the present time, perhaps the home team Luxembourg will hardly score in the match in the third match with Portugal.


On the side of Luxembourg, this team made full use of the opportunities when facing a team that was not overestimated in Group A like Ireland to win 3 points after the second match. With this result, teacher Coach Luc Holtz has 3rd place after 2 leading teams Serbia and Portugal with 1 point less.

This is a desirable position for every weak team present in this group in the context that the two leading teams are quite superior to the rest. Welcoming the Portuguese team at home in the next game, this can be considered the first heavy reagent for Luxembourg when they are rated much worse in all aspects.


Not in the same table with any strong opponent, so we can clearly see the comfort in the psychology of the Portuguese players in the first two matches of the 2022 World Cup qualifying match. Azerbaijan and the draw is somewhat unlucky against Serbia, it is clear that the European "Selecao" is showing its huge position in Group A that no opponent can stop.

So the match in the next game against an opponent that is considered to be quite weak like Luxembourg, the victory is difficult to slip out of the hands of coach Fernando Santos and what Belgian fans need to care about at this time is the bridge. how many times their opponent will pierce the opponent's net. And despite having a disadvantage away from home, the goal of scoring many goals is certainly maintained because the level of Portugal is far superior to the home team Luxembourg.