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WCQ: N Ireland vs Bulgaria

N Ireland vs Bulgaria

Debt from 2008 so far has always worn and haunted Northern Ireland, even though it was the only time they had a border with Bulgaria in tournaments. 13 years of not winning this opponent, perhaps more than enough for Jonny Evans and his teammates and they want to officially end on the next morning of April 1.

N Ireland vs Bulgaria

Northern Ireland 

On February 7, 2008, Northern Ireland faced Bulgaria for the first time at home in a friendly tournament. The UK team was underestimated and lost 0-1. As the years passed, they also had to wait 13 years for them to have a second match with their fate. The current Northern Ireland had the first time in history to participate in a Euro final, even reaching the round of 16 (losing the team then entering the semi-finals was Wales). Not only that, in the current football trend, talent and the right direction, the scale and the decisive moment of a certain football industry are promoted.

In this case, Northern Ireland, the team has flourished (ranked 45th in the world, highest 20 in September 2017) over the years, under both failures and disregard. competitor. With such a dizzying change, in the encounter with the Ancients, Bulgaria has caused pain, it was the right occasion for Coach Ian Baraclough to help his students reclaim the loan they had borrowed for the past 13 years. It comes just when this team needs 3 points to maintain their hopes of competing for second place in Group C.


Meanwhile, Bulgaria is still hard at finding the first ticket for both World Cup and Euro fronts. However, they are still the same, still not changing too much from their rankings to how they achieved their results in the qualifying tournaments. The first 2 matches passed, teachers and coach Yasen Petrov did not have any scores and were standing in the bottom of the rankings.

As a matter of course, it is very difficult for the Rose country team to have a door to continue. And Northern Ireland, the team that lost them in the previous match, is desperate to get 3 points in the upcoming match. On the morning of April 1, the couple will clash to pay off all debts, and prove their strength and ambition to their opponents, but the situation will probably turn around from here.