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WCQ: Scotland vs Austria

Scotland vs Austria

Due to the geographical and historical proximity (Austria has a close border with Germany and German is also the main language in Austria), there are also many connections between the two countries' football. Most of the best players in Austrian football history, for example, played in Germany.

Scotland vs Austria

The current time is no exception when the top pillars of Austria are all playing in the Bundesliga (German national football) such as David Alaba (Bayern Munich), Aleksandar Dragović (Leverkusen), Stefan Ilsanker, Martin Hinteregger (Frankfurt). , Marcel Sabitzer (RB Lepzig)… 

Over the past few years, Austrian football has seen remarkable development. They are ranked 23rd on the FIFA BXH. Before the 2022 World Cup qualifiers, Austria played well in the UEFA Nations League 2020/21 to win the right to League A (the highest division of this tournament) with a record of winning 4/6 matches. Earlier, Austria also won tickets to the Euro 2020 finals.

In all competitions, Foda's teachers and students have 6 unbeaten matches, even winning 5. Away from home, Austria has won the last 4 matches, 2 of which they accept the opponent under 1 goal like this match (handicap 1 / 4). 

On the opposite side of the field, Scotland is currently only 48th in the FIFA rankings. Over the years, Scottish football still stands still due to the rare talent and the style of football still carries the traditional English style (long ball, cross-wing head) because the majority of Scottish players are playing football in the country of mist. blind (Premier League or First Division). This team is also not playing well: unbeaten in the last 3 matches (lost 2). It seems that Austria's win door is still wider.