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WCQ: Scotland vs Faroe

Scotland vs Faroe

The 1-1 draw with Israel made Scotland's unbeaten streak in the World Cup qualifying number extended to eight. This unbeaten streak is relatively impressive, but the Scottish fans are not necessarily delighted.  Scotland nonetheless was still prized over Israel before the ball kicked off.

Scotland vs Faroe

Sharing with the media, coach Steve Clarke said that it is still early to talk about Scotland struggling in the 2022 World Cup qualifying region in Europe.  He hopes Scotland will win 3 points against Faroe.  If this happens, Scotland promises to reach second place in Group F because Austria has to face Denmark in the same game at the same time.

The possibility that Scotland defeated Faroe promised to happen because Faroe was not a worthy opponent for Scotland.  Indeed, Scotland has not lost all 9 previous encounters with Faroe.  The last 4 encounters, Scotland won with a total score of 14-1.

Faroe Island once impressed in the group stage of the UEFA Nations League 2019/20 when they got first place in Group 1 of League D. But that was when Faroe met the opponents of the 'equivalent' form. 

Things were different when Faroe was playing against a team of a much higher level.  Faroe Island's 1-3 defeat against Austria showed that.

All in all, with home advantage and outstanding performance, it would not be surprising if Scotland once again made Faroe ‘hugged’.