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WCQ: Serbia vs Ireland

Serbia vs Ireland

Serbia will host Ireland in the framework of Group A qualifying for the 2022 World Cup with the hope to soon gain an advantage in the group including Portugal, Azerbaijan and Luxembourg. The fact that Portugal is almost firmly in hand with the ticket directly to the World Cup final. At this time, the play-off round for the second team will be a direct competition between Serbia and Ireland.

Serbia vs Ireland


Although not a weak team in the European region, however, Serbia's strength is only considered mid-range at this time. In the UEFA Nations League playground just finished last year, Serbia was in League B group and they only finished third in the group. With 6 points in 6 matches, Serbia still has equal points with the whole team of Turkey and almost had to go down to play in League C. Before going to this match, Serbia was unbeaten in the last 5 matches, but they were only there is a victory in this series and to draw to 4. Considering Serbia's last 11 matches, this team has only 2 wins. In the final match in the UEFA Nations League, Serbia unexpectedly crushed Russia 5-0. However, it is a rare mark that Serbia has made, because they could not score against Panama and the Dominican Republic. In the most recent World Cup qualifiers, they met Ireland and got 4 points after 2 matches. With slightly more strength, it is clear that Serbia still has the basis to confidently step into the upcoming match.


Neither Serbia nor Ireland will make it to the Euro finals this summer, although it is expanded to 24 teams. Obviously these two names are in desperate need of a mental boost by appearing in the next big tournament. In the 2022 World Cup qualifiers, Ireland is in the same group as Portugal, which means that the matches of this team will most likely determine the runner-up at the end of the campaign. That is also an acceptable result, because at least Ireland still hopes to participate in the biggest football festival on the planet. However, to do that, Ireland must overcome Serbia, because Australia the visitors are only ranked as the third seed in the group. In terms of form, the last 4 matches Ireland lost 3 and did not score in the last 7 matches. Even Ireland has only 1 victory in the last 12 matches, and only scored 3 goals while keeping only 4 clean sheets.