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WCQ: Spain vs Greece

Spain vs Greece 

achievements over the past time have not always been stable. But that's when they are guests. Playing in the homeland, Spain always promotes its best.

Spain vs Greece

In the last 9 matches at home, the army won by Luis Enrique. In which, there are 5 in Euro 2020 qualifying and 4 in Nations League 2020-21. Latest, Spain crushed Germany 6-0 at Sevilla with Ferran Torres's hat-trick. 

Thereby, Spain won the top of Group 4 of League A with a ticket to the final round. In October this year, La Roja will meet Italy in the semi-finals of the Nations League. Rather, they were able to do this earlier.

Spain started off very well with 7 points after the first 3 matches of the Nations League 2020-21. But 2 matches later, the bullfighting team had only 1 point before two underdogs, Ukraine (lost 1-0) and Switzerland (drew 1-1).

Thereby, Spain must enter the match screen with Germany. Fortunately, the home yard is still "sacred" and Enrique's teachers and students pass through the gate seemingly very difficult. 

Before dreaming of the Nations League title at the end of the year, Spain will focus on the 2022 World Cup qualifiers and the Euro final this summer. The last time that La Roja did not go to the finals of a world cup was since 1974.

However, since winning the 2010 World Cup, Spain's achievements come down seen. Four years later, they could not make it out of the group stage in South Africa while being eliminated by Russia after a penalty shootout in the eighth round of the tournament in 2018.

Entering the 2022 World Cup qualifying campaign, Spain will aim to win tickets to the finals very soon. Their opponents in Group B are only Greece, Georgia, Kosovo and Sweden. 

On this Thursday night, Spain fans will not accept anything but a victory over Greece. If possible, La Roja will have 10 consecutive victories at home. 

Since making the myth of the 2004 Euro Championship, Greece has been unsuccessful at major tournaments. The team from the land of gods could not pass the 2006 World Cup qualifiers, stopping at the Euro 2008 and 2010 World Cup group stage.

In the last 3 major tournaments, Greece has been and will have to be the audience. After Euro 2016 and World Cup 2018, the team led by John van 't Schip has only 3rd place in Group J qualifying for Euro 2020 and cannot reach the final. 

The maximum effort with 3 wins in the last 3 matches, but it is not enough for Greece to turn things around. To the Nations League 2020-21, Ethniki was unlucky to be unbeaten in all 6 matches (won 3, drew 3) but still ranked behind Slovenia and could not reach League B. 

The persistent problem of Greece lies in the attack. Van 't Schip's students showed a resilient defense with only 1 goal after 6 Nations League group matches, but there were 3 of them that they could not score.

Certainly, this is something Greece needs to improve if it wants to go to the 2022 World Cup final in Qatar. In the short term, when meeting a big man in Europe like Spain on away field, "The Gods" will probably have to easily lose.