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The Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship

The Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship (BKFC) is an American boxing promotion based in Philadelphia. The company is engaged in organizing fights without gloves, which were previously banned in America since 1889. We will tell you what fistfights are and why the BKFC promotion is becoming more and more popular.

In this article, I would like to tell you some facts about the Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship (BKFC)

Point # one 

“Fistfights only seem brutal. In fact, going to the next world in a boxing match is much easier. Fighters in gloves hit harder and more often, because they do not worry about the hands. Yes, bare knuckles cut through the skin more easily, but it is much less dangerous than the concussions for which boxing is famous. Gloves are generally needed to protect the fist - there is no difference in the force of the blow ”- David Feldman.

The Starting 

The first boxing tournament without gloves was held on June 2, 2018. The tough spectacle impressed the audience, thanks to which the BKFC promotion began to popularize. The next battle took place just a few months later - on August 26.

Boxing without gloves

Boxing without gloves is a dangerous occupation. Many people know that gloves, whatever they are, help to minimize injury to both the opponent and to avoid breaking the arm that is being hit.

To reduce the risk of cutting the skin on the face, the sharp bones of the skull: cheekbones and eyebrows are applied to the fighters before the start of the fight. The substance is absorbed into the skin, softens and makes it more elastic.

Monitors the health of the cutman athlete. His duties include medical care of the fighter during the fight. Each cutman has an individual set of materials with him: cotton pads, napkins and sticks, scissors, irons and a portable ice cooler. The assistants do not carry out operations and suturing - this is a matter of qualified specialists.

Ironing means pieces of metal with handles. They lie on ice and, if necessary, are applied to the injured areas, preventing the appearance of severe hematomas and edema.

Also during fights, cutmen are allowed to give adrenaline hydrochloride to fighters. The drug is used to stop blood flow. In boxing, the substance is basic.

Medical assistance to fighters after fights

During each fight, there is a team of doctors who not only monitor the health of athletes during the fight, but also help to recover from it. Fist fights and scars are almost synonymous. After the fight, dozens of stitches are applied to the fighters and painkillers are injected. Computed tomography is a must to avoid bleeding in the head and other serious consequences.

Girls in fist fights

Girls also participate in fist fights, and these young ladies look more than worthy. At the moment, Beck Rawlings is the queen of Bare Knuckle Fighting. It is worth recalling that it was she who was fired from the UFC after four defeats in a row.

A knockout after being kicked in a jump from Paige Vanzant did not prevent Beck from not only finding a haven in BKFC, but also becoming a queen in tough fist fights.