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Bundesliga: Stuttgart vs Dortmund

Stuttgart vs Dortmund

Stuttgart is a team with a tradition in Germany, many seasons even attend the European arena. However, this season they only have to buy rookies in the Bundesliga after suffering relegation pain (but they come back right after just one season).

Stuttgart vs Dortmund

The performance of the "white swan" from the beginning of the season is very remarkable: 8th with 39 points, almost successfully relegated and still has the opportunity to compete for a Europa League ticket due to 4 points behind Top 6. 

On the opposite side, Dortmund caused a great disappointment, although it was always considered the number 1 counterweight of Bayern Munich in Germany. However, at this time, Die Borussen did not even participate in the Top 4 to say anything about the championship race with "Gray Lobster" (last season Ruhn team ranked second in the final). Even the difference between Dortmund and the fourth ranked team, Eintracht Frankfurt is up to 7 points, the gap is not easy to level, especially in the context of Dortmund too unstable.

In addition, the handicap level of only 1/2 is considered a poor assessment for Dortmund. Remember that that level only appears once in the last 10 encounters in all competitions. In fact, at the Stuttgart home field, it is not easy to deal with the 3-match winning streak. 

In addition, Dortmund itself is still distracted, it is difficult to focus as much as possible for this match. In the middle of last week, they just lost to Man City 1-2 on another field in the first leg of the quarter-finals of the Champions League. With the goal away, it is clear that Haaland and his teammates still have the opportunity to turn the tables when the second leg is played at Signal Iduna Park. Therefore, it is almost certain that Dortmund will have to put more effort into the second leg to take place in the middle of next week.

The first turn this season, right at the den of Signal Iduna Park and in the context of not "stretched" as currently, Dortmund still has a failure of 1-5, let alone the return leg tonight.