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EFL: Birmingham vs Swansea

Birmingham vs Swansea 

Both sides are so familiar names to NHM when playing in the Premier League.  But at the moment, only Swansea is open to returning to the No. 1 arena in the fog.  The club nicknamed "swan" is ranked third, less than the opponent ranked 6 points but less than 1 game kick.

Birmingham vs Swansea

However, if you want to compete with the top 2, Swansea needs to stop the instability that is arisen.  In the last two rounds, they both failed against their lower ranked opponents, Bournemouth and Cardiff City.  

Opportunity to revive spirit comes to Swansea this round when they only have to be a guest against Birmingham.

The home team is facing the red light area with only 3 points more than Rotherham behind.  But remember that Rotherham kicked 4 matches less than Birmingham, and if he kicked enough they would have a chance to surpass Birmingham.